Seekers of power and truth,

* This is a letter to the providers and participants in wisdom. It is not enough to be balanced, for balance can be akin to nothingness, which is the hallmark of the mediocre. As a stellium Libra, I warn you to take heed of things that are made from a master, or rendered from a specialist. On the scales of importance, they are heavy.

* The most important events in your life weigh heavy on your mind and memory. So much so that it is rare that you are not made stronger or debilitated because of them. There is no middle ground or apathy with them. Getting them out of your soul and into words is like lifting Olympic weights when your baseline is Pilates.

* As such, for those who strive to make an impact in someone’s life or in a field of work, you must be a bold color, not a lofty pastel. You must be memorable and polarizing. You must soothe anxiety or create it, and drastically. People crave extremes in all facets of their lives; drugs, romance, thrills, sense deprivation tanks to rock concerts.

Your desires are the key to your life’s work, for if you are not impassioned by your work, how will others empathize with you and be seduced by your intoxication?



Published by Avery

Advisor. Daemon who dissects. Dark horse. Light-bringer.

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