God saves, Honesty Protects

Everybody is political, few are correct.

Political Correctness is an invisible gun pointed at any who differ in opinion, especially a direct opposition.

Those same PC people usually promote non-violent rebuttals to violence (banning guns, stopping bullying, etc) but never do they promote strategies of self-protection.

These sheep promote open-season for lone wolves to come in and feast, while demonizing the Shepard and the tools he uses to protect the sheep.

The self- whether the malignant/insane version or merely the outsider, is shunned. The potential threat posed to the group is enough for denial. Innovative thought or opposing thought, however, is regarded as foreign agent entering the host body. A person can be killed and quarantined, but an idea is a virus that can spread and embolden it’s host in a fervor, and in the hive-mind, an epidemic.

It is therefore my contention that honesty and the accuracy that comes with it, is your only salvation against a world of delusion.



Published by Avery

Advisor. Daemon who dissects. Dark horse. Light-bringer.

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