The Tunnel or The Light

“Don’t go towards the light!”

Dear reader,

Many philosophies, especially the redpill, espouse enlightenment as the goal. While this is tempting and indulgent, it lacks follow through. It teaches the rules of the game, but not the continuation AFTER the completion of the game.

Teaching men the reality of the world and of women is a difficult, yet noble charge. But too often the gurus and sexperts that arise only focus on the tunnel and the mortar, the bricks and the asphalt, but seldom do they address the light at the end of the tunnel. Often they discourage driving any further, for awareness is enough.

Reaching goals is anti-climactic, without a context or a system of successes and the games within. This is where, ironically, day-gamers and LTRs shine or perish, because one’s redpill wisdom is under constant assessment and revision. You cannot rest on what you know, for you are only as good as your last victory.

This is a most delicious irony. Yet it is, as Nash and Riv would say, the romantic pill.



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