Men of Steel

Men of Steel,


Telling people of your weaknesses, as a man, only makes them view you in contempt.

Therefore, as a man, you must be like a judge and hold yourself in contempt before you can be held, you guessed it!

In contempt.

When people depend on you, defer to you, or respect you, your vulnerability elicits fear and disgust. One trick-ponies are obsolete, true, but a war horse that performs as a gelding or a show-pony, is righteously regarded as such.

You are for all of it’s glory and isolation, a human doing, not a human being.

Regard yourself with sympathy in private, so that you are not in desperate need of it, when such realities become an open wound for others to exploit. Superman’s weaknesses were exploited and coveted, yet the civilians he defended were guarded because of it.

Should you be “brave,” or in my case, foolhardy, your “opening up” will be met with frigid confusion and disgust. That betrayal will hurt more than any other pain you had endured.

Heed my warning, men of steel, and perform how you wish to be regarded.


Take heed,


Published by Avery

Advisor. Daemon who dissects. Dark horse. Light-bringer.

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