A Man’s Submission

A Man’s Submission is rarely discussed or conceived because it is:

1. seldom executed

2. hard to execute

3. Rarely inspired.

It is a net loss on his part, and a big gain for his tribe. A Man’s submission is sacrificial.

A “man” for that matter, is even more rare. Most men, in times of yore or presently, are avoidant, apologetic, or too agreeable. They are not bastions of boldness, nor a phallic symbol. They are limp dicks and spinless cowards.

Some may SEEM overly-masculine, but they are in fact hyper-feminine, over-compensating, and scared, like a lesbian. These men are likely gay. They have no discipline, no solidity. Defeated men who have no campaign to fight for. They are the envy of none, and the pride of no household.

To wit, being a man means doing hard things, past the point of the desire or energy to do them, because duty calls. We used to take pride in these tasks. Those things are as follows.

1. Protection – physical

* When an intruder comes into the house or the personal space of his family, the man puts his health and safety on the line to facilitate the family’s safety. Despite being afraid, sometimes as much as his family, he has no space to cower and hide. This duty is unending, but this duty is his.

2. Protection – psychological

* Women know the truth, deep down, but they trust it from authorities more than they do themselves. Should that leader be HER man, she will regard his word as gospel. She seeks out his validation and reassurance. She will resist and rebel against all forms of accountability, but when the iron fist and velvet glove of a man guides her, it is the proverbial father holding the hand of a brittle child in a world built for toil and trouble. Reluctant but grateful, she concedes.

3. Discipline

* There are times when a woman knows she is out of line, or acting/sounding “crazy” but cannot stop herself. These are the situations where a woman falls in love with a man. If he can stand up to her acidic onslaught and set her straight without being abusive, he earns a certain part of her heart. Coupled with consistent good dick and hilarity, this earns the title of “daddy.” The one who guides her past a fork in the road to the thing she needs and wants.

* Despite all of the actions above, he will seldom get sympathy or rest, for the high performing man is in high demand. It is not his job to seek sympathy, but glory. If he needs rest, he takes it. Since the leader is the one who is rich enough to sacrifice the most, he should do so joyfully.

The only time a man should abstain from being THE man, is when the first signs of being taken for granted show. Put down your tools and refuse to continue, because this first inch given will turn to a mile if you continue.

But if your family loves you, adorn them with your masculinity. Build them, guide them, lead them, lest they perish and decay. With an unhappy man or inept man at the helm, the family fails. A gallant man knows this, and shares with pride!



Published by Avery

I took my childhood and adult experiences and made it into an entity to learn from. I've helped others steer clear of themselves, and I love to help clients help themselves during our appointments! Set up an appointment at xyadvice@gmail.com

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