Dear reader, If your loyalty isn't to yourself and your happiness and your health, first and foremost, then you are open to being undermined and used, abused and neglected. By your own hands and that of others. Regards, Kimmuriel

To Rule

Helping people is charity, but serving them is rulership. Giving someone money helps them, but to teach them how to earn and keep money is to serve them. Their loyalty earned, opposed to their dependence earned through enabling them. The results are miles apart. Regards, Kimmuriel


Should you be the animal that is so high powered that you can run all day, do all the tasks for the group, shoulder all the woes of your circle, make sure that you pace yourself at a reasonable speed and demand. Impossible demands occur, even to unbelievable beings. All parties concerned will seldom see …

Poem To The Worst

With Draconian severity I seldom dole out charity Vengeance for the sleeping Silence for the weeping Beggars cloaked as theives Are seen with eagle-like clarity The future is eager and ripe for the making With two hands, patiently. Patiently. -Kimmuriel