The Sensual World

Mm hmm. The way I love physically making her understand how I feel about her stimulates me. Giving her my passion in thoughtless abandon soothes me. Being this lustful pleases me. I love putting her asleep. I love seeing her feel me.


A Man Who’s Appreciated

Amoral Adages XV

*Absolutes become obsolete in a world that thrives on revolution and rests in peacetime.

*Progress is failing upward

*We sweat and we cry because all pain is water soluble. All demons are exercised.

*Gods recreate themselves, mortals berate themselves. Stay playful, stay dangerous.

*The hero of the story isn’t always the main character. Be the hero of your own story by rewriting your own narrative 

*Some emotions and personalities are narcotically encouraged. If you cannot readily name which ones are yours and which one’s are induced, then you have been hacked. Debug yourself.

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Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Avery and I started my business to transition my traumatic childhood’s lessons into actionable advice. I’ve studied desire and relationships obsessively due to my fascination with addiction and the dark spaces in the human psyche. After getting my mother free from crack cocaine and my father free from his 40 year battle with cigarettes, my confidence and sense of duty soared.

After years of counseling my high-school peers with disputes and suicide, the years after saw me doing the same thing.

Thats where you all factor in. I would like your suggestions on topics that I will cover on my youtube channel. It will be in podcast style, but shorter. I will shout you out and your topic unless you desire to remain anonymous. The first video will be in December.

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