Amoral Adages

* You wanna know how stereotypes have veracity? The group stereotyped will trumpet the good ones and deny the bad ones.

* Give someone a compliment and their pride expands; give someone a mirror and their delusions shatter.

* People are nuanced, sure, but indelibly simple. The illusion comes from their confusion which gives them a pseudo-complexity

* Action = Feedback

* Conflict = Experiment

* Peace = Avoiding Impracticable Action

* Strength = Patient Ruthlessness

* If an angel tells a lie, it’s an act of diplomacy, but if the devil tells the truth, it’s an act of hate.

* To be both Shepard & Butcher is not for the passionate. Stick to what you are good at and get paid for. Don’t admire wolves if you’re a lamb

* Try holding onto a delusion when you’re sitting in a dark, quiet room, alone, with only the truth staring from the shadows. Try it, I dare u.

* Those who don’t protect and provide have the strongest opinions about the fairness of the methods of those that protect and provide.



Violence: The Devil We Should Know

To the tragically compassionate and the inexperienced, read carefully: the following ideas will cut when grasped.

* Self-preservation being the first law of nature, the distaste for violence and physical/emotional harm is natural and wise. The refusal to become acquainted with the tenets of violence prevention and damage control is asking, pleading, and waiting for unnecessary damage to be done.

* Violence in it’s barbaric manner is a thing of the past, for we now dress it in more civilized clothes. We diplomatically assert it to be inhuman when physical, but assault other’s reputation and person when they displease our vanity and diverge from our intellectual leanings. Destruction is destruction. Your reputation and physical/psychological health are your money makers: take them away and you’re as good as dead. We destroy for sport. The more domesticated animal (house cat for example) kills for sport. The more wild animal kills out of necessity.

* Violence will never go away, because people are naturally violent. We are animals. The only difference between us and natures most graphic beasts is that we rationalize our behavior when it doesn’t fit the natural order of violence (for self-preservation and for food), and the very prey they hunt can safely walk by a lion that has had it’s fill.

* Protecting and providing for your own means competition. Competition means being better than another and inevitably taking resources from someone else. First come, first serve. Soft violence in the form of rough play (teasing or hazing your peers, sparing in the ring) help tune your self-defense abilities. Demonizing free speech and rough housing denies every individual from being stronger and more resilient. Balance is gained by being tested. Muscle is used or it turns to fat.

* The equality of outcome narrative in the name of “Equality and Diversity” is the death of competition. Such is accomplished by violence. No strong and hard-working person would ever forfeit their rewards to someone who didn’t work for it or deserve it. But if you guilt-trip them and pressure their public standing, then you can demand of the strong what the weak cannot do with their own hands, or simply won’t do because they can point an invisible gun at their head and brand it as charity or philanthropy.

* Without the ability of self-defense, anyone proficient at manipulation or physical violence can rape and pillage those who don’t. There are few who are morally bankrupt enough, but the recent rise of the Tyrannically Weak or CryBullies has guaranteed that doing so is a walk in the park. Anyone with more resources, more beauty, more strength, is deemed evil and privileged, thus ensuring that the weak, lazy, ¬†and unable can inherent the earth and it’s resources.

* The threat of violence is the only way to ensure that relative peace happens. No one wants to be hurt (1st law of nature is self-preservation) and if the public is armed and able, then everyone is respectful so they don’t get their ass kicked. Nature saw to this to be the rule and made it damn near impossible for most humans to inflict physical damage on another without a good reason/psychological damage to the perpetrator.

In short, when you hear someone talk of equality, or talk of getting rid of arms to prevent violence (likely against the tyrant) and doing good: RUN. It’s the trojan horse, the give before the take, that will render your kingdom asunder and enslaved. Don’t believe me? Read the before and after of any nation or tribe that has fallen and refer back to this post.

Calm like a Bomb,