4th of July: An Ode to Freedom

* In the absence of religious ritual, family structure, and shame for the lack of these two, America the world over has achieved it’s coveted freedom. Freedom from what?

* The results of this victory are bittersweet. The idea of America as the vanguard of liberty has neglected discipline and forethought. Freedom from accountability.

* America in the days of yore resembled an inspiring 20 year old, full of vigor and vision. The America today resembles an art student who has a master’s in neurosis and a Mount Rushmore of debt.

* Freedom without discipline is a wish at best. My country celebrates the dregs and downtrodden more than the founding principles and participants of this once innovative nation.

What we do cheer is out of memory. We seem jaded because we are. Excited by nothing because we earn nothing, and sacrifice nothing.



Ego Investment

The most profitable way to inspire dedication and loyalty is to make that person or group’s identity invested, and appreciated.

Often, people are trapped in dead end jobs simply because they are needed and they’ve spent so much time and aroused so many emotions in them. Whether or not they were valued, is irrelevant.

Hate for a job or a lover are non-lethal, when compared to apathy, aka the absence of ego. When the “fuck it” switch is flipped, that is also when the hourglass is flipped for your exit.

Do you give a flying fuck about a bank you have no account with?

Oh, but that ego and the time and emotions invested……that is life’s real currency.



Men of Steel

Men of Steel,


Telling people of your weaknesses, as a man, only makes them view you in contempt.

Therefore, as a man, you must be like a judge and hold yourself in contempt before you can be held, you guessed it!

In contempt.

When people depend on you, defer to you, or respect you, your vulnerability elicits fear and disgust. One trick-ponies are obsolete, true, but a war horse that performs as a gelding or a show-pony, is righteously regarded as such.

You are for all of it’s glory and isolation, a human doing, not a human being.

Regard yourself with sympathy in private, so that you are not in desperate need of it, when such realities become an open wound for others to exploit. Superman’s weaknesses were exploited and coveted, yet the civilians he defended were guarded because of it.

Should you be “brave,” or in my case, foolhardy, your “opening up” will be met with frigid confusion and disgust. That betrayal will hurt more than any other pain you had endured.

Heed my warning, men of steel, and perform how you wish to be regarded.


Take heed,


The Tunnel or The Light

“Don’t go towards the light!”

Dear reader,

Many philosophies, especially the redpill, espouse enlightenment as the goal. While this is tempting and indulgent, it lacks follow through. It teaches the rules of the game, but not the continuation AFTER the completion of the game.

Teaching men the reality of the world and of women is a difficult, yet noble charge. But too often the gurus and sexperts that arise only focus on the tunnel and the mortar, the bricks and the asphalt, but seldom do they address the light at the end of the tunnel. Often they discourage driving any further, for awareness is enough.

Reaching goals is anti-climactic, without a context or a system of successes and the games within. This is where, ironically, day-gamers and LTRs shine or perish, because one’s redpill wisdom is under constant assessment and revision. You cannot rest on what you know, for you are only as good as your last victory.

This is a most delicious irony. Yet it is, as Nash and Riv would say, the romantic pill.




Should you be the animal that is so high powered that you can run all day, do all the tasks for the group, shoulder all the woes of your circle, make sure that you pace yourself at a reasonable speed and demand.

Impossible demands occur, even to unbelievable beings.

All parties concerned will seldom see you tiring, they will more noticeably see you letting them down.

Pace thyself, workhorse.