See Clearly

Dear dearest reader,

* There is much pomp and posturing in the most innocent affair. Before you leave your house, you are steeping in spells and wizardry, many of it from your own hands, merely out of habit.

* The following is advice to dispel the bad and the ugly, the soot on your psychic lenses (your eyes) so that you may see clearly.

* Being that the whole world is under some type of hypnosis, harmful and or helpful, here are some ways to protect yourself from other’s unsolicited charms:

1. Watching an ig/music video or movie? Mute the volume. The visual manipulations and mechanisms become glaringly obvious. You’ve heard of silent films, but you’ve never heard of a movie without music, nor remembered one.

2. Listening to an authority figure regale you with talking points and cliches, get it in writing and read it. When authority is removed from the emotional code, its hard to hide the faulty logic you may take for granted as “gospel” from above you, out of fear or reflex.

There are many other ways to sober yourself up, but we’ll save that for your individual session with me in NYC.

Until then,


Fight or Flight: A Love Dream

Intimacy is a dangerous game of trust and the risk that vulnerability offers. Inevitable loss and possible gain.

I’ve seen the future and it’s paved with these stones.

In a drunken stupor that only encouraged my impulsiveness, I’ve played with my knife in that bar’s bathroom, only for it to get stuck in my wrist, just missing the tendon and anything vital by a hair.

Bleeding all the way home like a stuck pig, I put a band-aid on it and went to sleep.

I’ve been homeless five times before I turned 20, mostly in my younger years, but I’ve never witnessed something so daunting as the immense love of someone who could harm as much as they heal.

Yet the only way to receive the sunlight is to expose yourself to it, and this is the game I play.

This being the only thing that has scared me, I now recognize that an act of heroism is an act of love, bravery, and commitment to the deed. Not sabotaging or playing the victim before I could become the victim.

Challenge proposed, and challenge accepted.



Seduction: The Grey Area

Seduction is to embody a blank slate for other’s fantasies. To entertain, to indulge, and tease fulfillment until the potential energy transforms into kinetic energy and bursts forth.

To stimulate, hint at, entertain, and ricochet fantasies is to preserve the fantasy. As someone who can be bold, plainspoken, and direct, I can’t tell you of the importance of pulling back the reins on an urge, instead of pursuing a fantasy too soon , too often, or in the wrong circumstances.

To speak of sex and your intentions, you rid the air of the requisite tension, because nothing tastes better than a sultry, tacit, secret.




“Every girl is just an actress, looking for the right director.”


* Women seem confusing, to themselves and to others. With all manner of contradictions worn so fashionably, its plausible to agree. Yet when you take the whole of the contradictions, and not the pieces, you’ll see that women are by nature actors on a grand stage. A plethora of archetypes.

* From the makeup tricks, the wardrobe obsession, and the deniability between persona and character, if not espionage, women embody an actress in all facets of life. Even relationships.

*She seeks direction, a script she already has, but the manner and direction it is carried out requires a stronger guidance. Nice guys finish last for this and many other reasons. Signs of this burning need are when she will poke around like an inquisitor, asking if you want kids, asking about your other girlfriends and how she ranks among them (past & present), and your thoughts on marriage. This is a lifelong effort.

* As not yet women, playing dress up and house, she began building a fantasy with innocent hands; her knight and shining armor coming to save her. The magical meeting, the first kiss, the wedding and how sweet and spontaneous it all came to completion. The house, the kids, the romance. She has conjured it all and she wants it all.

*In comes you, her potential director. Most actors are a bit theatrical, dramatic, and hard to handle. This is the importance of the director. Keeping the movie flowing, never stagnant, while bringing out the best performance in his actress. Hence why she asks “where is this relationship going?” If you doubted what role she may have for you, and she asks this question, you now know. If none of these questions appear in your dialogue, she doesn’t want to be your actress. You let her run over you, even though YOU are the director.

Just know that for the right director, she has the makeup, the fashion, and the acting skills to be “any girl the director needs. I trust you, and you inspire me” Whore; mother; spy; cheerleader; yours. She is yours because she loves the version of herself that you make her.



Amoral Adages XIV

*Conquer the earth and she loves you, protects you, as long as you dein to possess her, for it is you that belong to her.

*You think strings are reins or connections?

Depends upon which end you’re on.

*If you can conceive violence but discipline yourself to realize only when needed, the random acts of violence don’t happen randomly, if at all to you.

The outside world is a mirrored reflection of your inner world.

*The factory edge won’t do. I must be a master.

*Intimacy is the crockpot of the subconscious

*If there is one misused but vital emotion in the art of love, it is guilt. Use seldom, but after you’ve been vulnerable or open.

*Use your poison to corrupt your weaknesses. Let the fire cleanse you.

*You can sell anything with a “black” person next to it.

*Do you feel better after you deal with him/her ? If the answer is no, then you gotta go.

*Violence that is justified by the public is savagery, no longer

*Compete with men, enjoy women.

*Your animal spirit is what promotes your upward and outer ascension. Without it, you’re a car without an engine.

*Some impulses are to be ignored…..some of the time.

Know when to act

*Inexperience on a man is like a dull knife: useless and disappointing.

*Affection and sex are attitudes. The way you walk, the way you pour tea, etc

* Only time speech is free is when your audience agrees with you….then it pays.

*All of these humans are suffering….mainly because they can barely see themselves

*Best thing about solitude?

You neither compromise nor avoid yourself.



“So Just Kiss Me”

The following is a poem by Jewel. I think it attests to a woman’s reaction to a masculine man with an alpha mindset. Enjoy.


“So┬áJust Kiss Me”

So just kiss me and let my hair
messy itself in your fingers

tell me nothing needs to be done-
no clocks need winding

There is no bell without a voice
needing to borrow my own

instead, let me steady myself
in the arms

of a man who won’t ask me to be
what he needs, but lets me exist

as I am

a blonde flame
a hurricane

wrapped up
in a tiny body

that will come to his arms
like the safest harbor

for mending

Are You Me?

Projection is sonar for companionship.

*Like attracts like, and “assuming” other’s behavior for yours is a good way to repel those who don’t fit the mold, and a good way to empathize with those who do.

*Similar to a bat signal in the night sky of Gotham, or a siren song to wayward sailors, we shout “is anybody out there?” to those who see us, on the off chance that we may connect.

*A subconscious litmus test, but an effective one. Hit or miss, the results make themselves known. A square peg won’t fit into a circular hole, but it takes the alignment and comparison to know.

*Few people are NOT solipsistic, so who isn’t projecting? Have you ever truly listened to two people talking with a critical ear? The next time you do, you’ll notice that they are sharing their individual experiences as a response to the other person. Amazing! They are not listening to the other person, instead, they are seeing if their story matches the other!

*So, you can see, the bitter taste for projection is unwarranted. In a novice, most moves and actions are rushed, sloppy, and often the culprit for disenchantment. Projection is a natural phenomena that only the most seasoned of players, predators, and gurus are able to brush aside and peer into the other.

*Until then, you’re mostly hating others for the things in yourself that you dislike, or, have yet to be mastered. But that lack of apathy is a clear subconscious signal that this person can be worked with and should, because the same issue will manifest with a different name and face.

Working the crude elements of yourself into shimmering artifacts of wonder is the only sure way to avoid the pitfalls of projection, for projection is nature itself trying to bond and survive. How smooth that process becomes is up to you.



Letter from A Daemon

To fear yourself is to fear God. God of what depends on your individual character and talents, but fear not: embrace and engage.

* You start your life on blank slate, as if waking from amnesia; who am I and what does my life mean? Clueless and afraid of this nothingness, you search in desperation for things that define you and flatter you, no matter how hollow they ring to your intuition.

* The very intuition that is mysterious and right, you ignore. That very intuition that is exclusive to you, is taken for granted. The results are confusion, anger, depression, and a feeling that if there is a GOD, that he/she has forsaken you like a lover with better things to do; prayers and texts unanswered.

* Oh the irony! You can create your life, your “self,” within this earth-bound framework and you choose to questionnaire the world to death. You should be answering and telling the world who you are, who you have forged yourself to be in the fires of trial and tribulation. Express thy self and yourself will be known.

* So I see these people populating the world with their insecurity, apologizing at the first sign that someone threatens or attacks their self-hood. Kimmuriel has been too busy being himself and re-creating himself, playing with different masks and roles, while keeping the core solid and deep. Amused at best.

* In arcane astrology, there is a universe within you. Yet you spend night and day searching outside yourself and away from what you are searching. The black abyss feared in space is the INNER SANCTUARY within you, and you distract yourself with goose chases and red-herrings.

Perhaps power isn’t for you, because victimhood is your being. For the select few of us, a life of choices and results, risks and rewards, is a life of pleasure.



Death of a Salesman

Make no mistake, we are all salesman.

Competence and charisma for the salesman are the timing and strength of the predator. He will have few chances at cornering prey, so he must have these, above all, to seal the deal.

1. A shitty salesman doesn’t always equate to an inferior product.

2. A bad explanation does not always equate to a shitty idea

Yet these truths does not protect the man pursuing knowledge from ignoring diamonds which are nesteld in shit. Dishonesty often brings nervousness and hesitancy to the seller, which in turn hinders his charisma and credibility.

* Curiosity goes halfway, and intrigue the other half.

Some are patient, most are patient people worn out by their various attachments, making time and subtlety into impotent luxuries for their attentions.

* Because these customers have a small window to be enthralled, the seller cannot be hesitant, unsure, or insecure. Even when confronted with his ignorance, he must be confident and positive still. Responding with such lines as “let’s find out together” or “thank you; I’ve yet to think about it that way.”

Even con-men and the dark-triad look their marks in the eye and smile, while lying [here]

Music is the silence between the notes, noise is the needy performer. Those who oversell or inundate the mark with cheesy lines and trite tactics go home hungry.

One thing is certain: attention is limited, and first impressions can and do make/break a presentation. Making that presentation simple, with conviction, gives the mark more time and room to feel your message in a world of increasingly smaller frames for either.



Hello, Goodbye

* Done skilfully, rejection is taking the table-cloth from the table without disturbing the delicate glass and resplendent utensils; it is saving face for the object while turning your face away from the object.

* Him/her/it is irrelevant, your technique is of the utmost importance. Nervousness and seriousness begets the same in the object. Both insults and the flattery should be met with a placid amusement, as a barrister or detective would meet any testimony from a wronged or a righteous party.

* The trouble comes with your timing and your speed. Leave too swiftly, too soon, and you’re shady. Leave too strongly and the object begins to suspect themselves of being repulsive, but will never admit this publicly. Instead, you’ll be target practice for every low-blow and reputation-killer. To avoid this:

Jobs: you give your 2 weeks notice (it is professional and allows for said job to adjust)

Places: Take a farewell tour of the sites and seem to bask in the place as if you regret leaving. They’ll say ” that’s a person who knows what we’re all about. Come back anytime!”

People: I like to, in some fashion, give them clues and sentiments that go against their most treasured principles, but slightly. Like following breadcrumbs, in the most manageable pieces do they come to their OWN conclusions, with your help of course, that you’re not worth being with long-term. They think to themselves “I can do better”

* Jobs and places don’t call for the emotional validation, so let’s reserve this for people.

Should the person be a dog person (overly attentive, affectionate, and loyal), spurn them a few times when you’re about to leave. Be apathetic, untrustworthy, and mean.

If the person is a cat person (independent, retiring, low energy, odd) make yourself into a boring, basic, and loud person who likes to do things with little or no forethought. Be Jersey Shore or inner-city youth incarnate.

* The ol’ bait and switch is easier for others, but with the appropriate degree and frequency, timing and speed of the outlined tactics, you’ll get the cookie and your hand back. You won’t need to be cruel or sadistic when you’re adjusting to the game as it goes. Keeping your head level and your heart playful makes for new a start, and a clean-cut of ties.