Self Hate is Enemy

*Black Lives Matter movement protests the individual killing of criminals by cops in self-defense, but wont even acknowledge that in Chicago alone, black-on-black crime has done the following:

Year to Date (From January 2016-Aug 31 2016) in Chicago

Shot & Killed: 442

Shot & Wounded: 2446

Total Shot: 2888

Total Homicides: 491

*Women claim that all men are predators and sexually harass them constantly, but we know that’s not exactly true. The gamut of us are the ones who defend them from jerks. But here’s an interesting find on which group of people harass women online (you guessed right, it’s other women):

*Oh and White people aren’t exempt from self-hate. It would seem that all the white guilt and talk of white supremacy is not for naught; according to the FBI, white people are making a killing in the market of killing other white people:

How does this relate to Amoral Advice? When the world turns it’s back on you, its difficult not to fulfill that slander by validating the lie for yourself. If the world is against you, who do you confide in but yourself? I’ll tell you who. You confide in your fellow brothers (within reason) and you confide in me. My email is in the profile description.

The world will reap the benefits of your existence, but will never truly give you your just deserts…not like the brotherhood will. Self-hate is the enemy of what it means to be a man, and no one, as seen from the stats above, is immune. Time to start appreciation of self and focusing on what you’ve got to do before you give alms to others.



Holding Frame

*The concept in the title has it’s roots in men and their exclusive role and painstaking burden of performance.


  1. This idea was brought to my attention by the acute acumen of @IllimmitableMan, see the following:


2. and was supported by the clear thinking and ruthless pragmatism of this youtuber:


* “Holding frame” means to be unwavering, stoic, and firm. To the man unable to do so, he is regarded as less of a man. A quick glance into the bedroom and we’ll see that this “burden of performance” weighs on the shoulders of the man, even in this most primal and wonderful activity.


  1. In order for a man to be considered good at sex, he has a list of duties and tasks to be successful:


-Charm and court the woman (she won’t make the first move, but she will send the first signal if skilled in the lost art of femininity)

-Get the woman into the bedroom and make her feel comfortable

-Turn her on via foreplay

-Get himself hard (holding frame)

-Don’t cum while making her cum by working the combination lock that is her body without instruction (some women aren’t shy about it, but the general rule is that women don’t know themselves enough so they can’t communicate their tastes and therefore it once more falls on the shoulders of the man. Even when they do, they’d rather lay back and leave the doing up to you i.e perform.)

-Do all of that and keep hard

-Battle through any insecurities about himself and keep hard (don’t you dare cum)

– And when she’s ready for you to cum, after all that, you can.

It gets dirtier. In domestic violence cases, women are either the instigator of the abuse or the co-contributor of the abuse. The difference being that men are expected to “hold frame” and no matter how much psychological abuse she inflicts upon you or physical abuse you receive, you NEVER EVER can hit her back. Here are the findings in this regard

  • The 1st part of this Video :

  • The domestic-abuse statistics :


In closing, the burden is ours because we are that powerful. When we disappear and when we become less masculine, the world crumbles. Women become less women and less lovely. They hate themselves and everything goes to shit because when atlas shrugged and said “fuck it” the world feels it.






What is power?

Power is the ability to influence to a substantial degree. A powerful person can and does effect and affect all around by simply appearing.

Power does not denote titles or even accolades so much as the work and will that inspire the titles and accolades.

Power, therefore cannot be talked about. One cannot brag or boast his/her deeds, for they lose their power. The phrase “talk is cheap” comes to mind; for if you but recall the things you deem a “secret” and how much it affects you, influences you, then it is evident how easy and inconsequential words are and how staunch and pivotal silence makes things.

Silence is what fortifies and crystallizes events. You think about them and they steep inside your mind. They turn over and over in your head like a snow ball, only to gain momentum, then as soon as they see the light of day, they lose all hope and melt in the sun. This is another angle at why talking about a problem takes the tension away.

In summary, if you wish to become powerful, become responsible. Take charge and grab the reigns, and note how talking about what you should BE distracts and diffuses the focus, the determination, the power. Talk about or Be about it, for there is no middle ground.



The Art Of Suffering

The Fruit Of Suffering is not for the weak or for the wanton street peddler; the childish or the fool. The Art Of Suffering is for those who willfully submit themselves in the ever long queue of one’s work. Day jobs and errands aside, paying dues and making sacrifices with the resources that no artisan or manufacture may or can replicate is how one reaps the Fruit of Suffering.

Suffering is defined best by the action of it; suffer. “To feel keenly. To suffer pain, death, and duress.” Most importantly, to endure. The phrase “what does not kill you, makes you stronger” comes to mind and heart, as it should. If you endure or suffer great trials, willingly like the champions before us along their path to greatness, you are rewarded with experience, the greatest teacher, and Fruit that sustains its own resources. To transform one’s self in such a way calls that much be sacrificed; the low way for the high way. The lowly manner transcended for a higher price. But being able to afford the higher price, or rather paying the higher price rewards higher results.

Many, and countless others suffer in the low sense in that they throw themselves to death’s sickle for reasons disrespectful, and do so willingly and often. Alcoholism and drug abuse, relationships that teach them nothing but to reinforce bad relations and therefore bad esteem for self and others, and many coyly crafted devices to keep one comfortable in one’s own mediocrity, that one warmly shares with the many. Mass consciousness of their own unconsciousness, disturbed righteously by the sound of someone conscious and vital. A “Team Sleep” of sorts, that battles against all that are not “Lotus Eaters.” But those who are not buried alive among the thickets and thorn-bushes know that the mountain top bestows a view and a bliss peerless, even by the best drug.

In summary, to suffer, to endure, to survive, and then thrive, are the ways of the stars and the forces of nature. To submit the fees of emotion, time, effort, sacrifice in return for “Higher Living”  is a conscious choice to sacrifice strength AND duty.

Pay Happily,


The Function of Fear

Fear is one of the most amazing and prevailing passions. Here is why.

Fear in all its haunting names is the embodiment of what you cannot stand to face, and therefore repress. Fear can be rational and fear can be irrational. Some people are afraid of clowns, some are afraid of simply going outside. Fear is one of the most diverse feelings known. Because it incites the fight or flight response in the body and mind, revving up the nerves, it earns its name “fear” because fearful feelings bring about an unavoidable question that demands an immediate response.

For the above, the reaction is often a paralyzed reaction. To go numb and do nothing. To become an escape artist, often via drugs, alcohol, over-indulgence in video games or television; anything to avoid the call for action. Fear, therefore, is the great catalyst. To destroy life or to live; to snuff the spirit or to fan the flames.

Fear is necessary. Fear is a beacon for what you must conquer. Fear protects and illuminates. Fear is a responsibility. Fear, when reacted to correctly, is a survival technique. Used incorrectly, irrationally, you miss out on life and its most invigorating challenges.

Do not let irrational fear keep you from higher-highs and what you should do. Let it be a motivating force.

Fear wisely,


Sorry: Not just an old boardgame

You hear it around you as much as traffic or busy cafe chatter: the word sorry is a definite indicator of insecurity.

Excuses, excuses:

“I’m sorry” is the truncated version of “I can’t be held accountable for my mistakes, because I’m sorry.”

Not everyone is a sniveling little runt who can’t help but trip over themselves and get in the way. There are paragons of hope for this ever-insecure generation.

Personal Accountability:

“I apologize” is what your hear from those who speak from authority. It says “I recognize and seek to recognize the confusion and hurt that my actions have brought, and then correct them so that they never happen again.” Realize that true authority comes from the marriage of experience and knowledge.

Once you start changing your words, you change your mindstate. Of course, having the credentials that your vocabulary denotes is foremost, though it helps a million if it is also first on your “shit to do” list.



An Epicurean Guide To The Galaxy

Epicurean Philosophy’s tenets are broken down to the following:

1st: That pleasure which produces no pain is to be embraced.

2nd: That pain which produces no pleasure is to be avoided.

3rd: That pleasure is to be avoided which prevents a greater pleasure, or produces a greater pain.

4th: That pain is to be endured which averts a greater pain, or secures a greater pleasure.

Now that this base has been covered, allow me to expand on them into a broader platform:

*Power and success are sometimes mutually exclusive, but almost always a product of an intelligent exchange of pleasure. Some success can be achieved by an uneven use of power (threats and bribery), but it cannot be enjoyed for threat of retaliation. Conversely, if you are too powerful, you convey displeasure in your constituents and peers (envy) and therefore risk having your success undermined or even taken away.

*Its not morality that predicts someone being a good person in the public’s eyes, its the amount of pleasure that said person elicits. Such explains why villains and violence attract more ratings than virtue and sunny optimism. If you ever wonder why revenge and redemption are more digestible than doing good from the starting gun, its because such flavors are more pleasurable. Without sympathy, pleasure is superseded by hate and envy.

*Delayed gratification is the only gratification. Cheap thrills exist, sure, but the end result is flat and impotent without the tension that builds from denied fulfillment. To want something is to lack it (see the Greek folklore of Tantalus), and therefore the lack of complete fulfillment leaves room for more to be desired. Complete satisfaction leaves no room for more satisfaction. Remember the golden rule: “keep em wanting more”

*The ends justify the means. If you think otherwise, you’re either a slave or an idiot.

*The cost of an object of desire’s attainment is the true value. How much it cost to make, what you had to do to earn it, how much time was spent waiting until you were able to attain said object are the ingredients that makes the mouth salivate.

*To exchange and give is to commune and therefore live. We were made social creatures, and thusly the more powerful are better at exchanging pleasure (and the give and take with these individuals is a delicacy in itself).

*Those who are unable to give and take skillfully are rapists, thieves, the entitled, the obnoxious among us. They do nothing for themselves and therefore nothing for anyone else. Hence the adage “love yourself before you love others” You have to test and refine your product before you go to market to sell your wares

*Make no mistake that the world is about selling yourself and what you have to offer as an individual in exchange with others for what you desire. The world is a marketplace, and you are both merchant and product. In love and in business, this is what it means to be powerful and successful.



Humble Pie: Feminist Food For Thought

To those born female,

*Girls are tortured with the disorder of infantile narcissism and the causes are encouraged from an early age

*As early as 15, some cases earlier, girls are sought after. To use an analogy; if they were to be depicted as any aspect of war, they would be a stronghold attacked by all armies, from all sides. To win this stronghold, all contending parties offer gifts and luxury to win said stronghold. How fitting that despite the unyielding onslaught, the “stronghold” is taken down from within…at the hands of the closest counselors (mother and father/lack thereof)

*This battle from within and without to influence and win the stronghold is at it’s peak until the early 20’s, wanes after around 25, and puts on the brakes near the wall (mid 30’s onward)

*This poisons the well in a few ways:

  1. Receiving all this attention from a young age enforces the mindstate that “the world will come to me without me doing anything but looking attractive” The battle within aforementioned comes from her elder women that laud her beauty without equal or even due consideration of her intelligence. You hear all the counseling in your own life or in passing; tips about make-up and how good/cute they look; What he/she is wearing; what perfume do you like?; find a man that will take care of you and treat you right…..all of these things are about attracting the finer things in life but not about earning them. Heaven forbid you develop a passion or have talent outside of your physique (Acting doesn’t count because women are natural liars)
  1. Relying on your looks to get what you want enforces not only infantile narcissism, but a manipulative and parasitic lifestyle that is low on merit, and stockpiled in cunning. The highway robber without the gun, but sex and the promise of sex instead.
  1. Its no wonder that we see so many pretty women with fragile egos and low self-esteem: they’ve never had to earn what they’ve owned. They can get free drinks, a place to stay, food, vacations for free, so why bother with work? Why bother with work when you can con someone into doing it out of pity or being a “gentleman” ?
  1. Thats why the women who are either not attractive or not viewed as attractive by her community tend to have better personalities because they were never given the false-sense of reality. Instead, they were treated as adults and flourished accordingly. Hence the phrase “skinny bitches are evil” These “ugly duckling” women are the truly beautiful, with brains and personality to boot (i.e. Cleopatra, Ninon De Lenclos, Madame de Pompadour, etc)

In summary:

The laziness; the weak ego; the infantile narcissism, the manipulative and parasitic lifestyle; these lead these girls by the nose to follow their impulses like children. When they finally get a dose of reality, these coddled-creatures turn red with rage. For as the great sage, Thomas Sowell stated:

“When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.”



Women of Achievement are Atypically Masculine

A broad and general statement to throw into the ether, but one that I will argue with the following:

*Dark, stoic clothing

*Ponytail or braids (similar to rolling up sleeves to get the hair out of the way for working). To adopt this style in casual or everyday life is to say to the world “I’m ready!” In times of trauma or distress from a lack of masculine attention or just the recent chasm of male presence or  male love, a woman will go one step further and cut her hair short  and compensate for the lack. You’ll see many a single mother or woman who’s been hitting zero cut their hair short and stylish in aims to get ready for war or claim independence to the outside world.

*Tattoos are also an indicator of a more masculine bent to a woman

*A good sense of humor

*One who doesn’t take herself seriously and jokes easily

*When their dominance is ACTUALLY threatened, they turn alpha and assert their position

*Independent and private

*Deep voice

*Won’t hold a grudge, but just avoid the other person after the conflict was dealt with

*A temper that is both volatile and short lived

*Prone to skepticism and doubt ; romantic in gesture, but not in words

*Walks more with the shoulders (Masculinity), less with the hips (femininity)

*Search for things without consulting a reference or table of content or authority. They plunge in.

*Needs to be needed

*Protective of their loved ones

*Not afraid of getting dirty or eating in front of people (less afraid of eating hearty food and being messy)

*Playfully pokes fun at their lovers/friends as a form of affection

* Ninon De Lenclos; Dr. Helen Smith ; Sally Ride; Hedy Lamaar; Dana Loesch; Kathrine Hepburn; Lauren Southern; Coco Chanel; Mae West; Ronda Rousey; Gina Carano; and many others.

Now despite the implications of this list, AWALT and the main difference in these women listed or in the ones displaying these traits in their natural personality is that they are more like us. In that way, they become more work oriented and less inclined to the spoiled-child behavior that women have now become, but certainly not immune. One of mine who struggles to wear bright colors and be lady like (off-roading and rock climbing) tried to blame something on me that I had no stake in. They’ve always been the ones we waged wars to protect or just to get back. But now that our contributions have been demonized, we must continue to take the necessary measures that unjust behavior is met with justice.

Boy and Girl Make the World,


Mother Nature, Father Time

A few simple meditations on the two sides of the carnal coin:

*Women are intuitive and primal, Men are logical and experience incarnate.

*Women are intricate and confusing to themselves due to the various contradicting viewpoints vying for supremacy, Men are creatures of focus with blind-spots aplenty.

*Women get their value due to their power or ability to sway and influence another’s nature, whereas Men get their value by contributing things of value and therefore becoming valuable.

*Women utilize their “seasons” to distract and entrance, Men use their persistence to protect and provide.

*Women uproot, Men dig in their heels.

*Women use noise, Men use silence.

*Women want the whole earth, Men want what stands the test of time and discards the rest

*Women want the best resources they can get, Men want the best for women.

*Women get what they want, Men want what they get.

Happy Hunting,