Lying, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

My take on honesty or lack thereof : Dwight L. Moody ¬†“Character is what a man is in the dark.”

* You shouldn’t tell people everything, but you should always tell the truth

*People ignore harsh truths to swallow sweet lies, and will do so without blinking an eye

*Makeup; hairstyles; clothing; all of these are lies that are chosen by the psyche and therefore bear the signature of the soul. The lies that people choose are the truths that betray them.

*The most confident of people are calm: So if one roars like a lion, treat them like the deer that they are.

*The person who wants to do right and proclaims so verbally is unaccustomed to such a virtue. Some think that generosity is a tool to assuage guilt, and I’m inclined to agree.

* If you know something about someone, or understand a subject or an idea better than another, do not let it be known that you do. If do volunteer your understanding, you clearly do not understand how ideas or people are best understood.

* When you hear someone talk about actions, what they will do or what they will not do, you now know which promises they are sure to break.

Hold frame and be amused,


Less Sex, More Confusion: Why millennials aren’t making babies

* Opposites attract isn’t something that you say in place of a real argument, its biological incentive. To want, or to lack, is to desire.

*The things we envy or lust for are the things that are foreign to us, either in nature or possession.

*The good girl wants the bad boy, the experienced man wants the virginal girl. Opposites attract.

* When looking at woman and man, how much more opposite can you get?

* Personality; body; biology; a chasm of differences longing to be consolidated: usually with sex

* The battle of the sexes has always been, and always will be. However, none of the warring factions win if either truly win, for they are each’s compliment, not contender.

* As Osho put it, “the future is she” and the future is now. Men are more womanly than ever; homosexuality as a minority yet a cultural norm in urban areas, sex changes, and the ever vigilant crusade on Masculinity.

*This crusade has won. Male behavior in boys is deemed “toxic” where as women’s behavior is the gold standard. Men are second-rate women to a degree that dandyism would pale. Women now flood the work force and trumpet “girl power.” They enter into the work force in fields that men have dominated since there was any field to dominate, with the exception of child-birth.

*Child care is still a woman’s field, but child-birth is not. With exceptions for arab nations, the 1st world, particularly China, Japan, and the USA, are not producing children at rate that replaces the generation prior. China even upped it’s limit on children allowed to 2 children per family.

*Blame who you will, but the chasm between the sexes in manner, dress, and physical frame has merged to the point of confusion. Women seem to want it all: career and family, career first, and go into their mid 30s having ambitions, sexually experience, or liberated from the patriarchal oppression, only to find that they have gone past their prime age for:

1. Finding a husband or life partner
2. Bearing children
3. Building a family atmosphere

*Men seem to be more docile and are more inclined to retire from the vigors of the work place and the social game of meet and greet. They attend college less, work less, and marry less. If men dont approach or initiate the courting phase, then dating and marriage and babies dont happen.

*And why should they? With the prevalence of STDs, the alleged “rape culture” that scares the shit out of men, and most importantly, women looking and sounding aggressive and unfeminine, it’s a boner killer of a world to be a man. There’s no lush fruit to desire. Where there used to be pineapples and mangos, there are dry and rough, insecure and volatile turnips. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

*Metrosexual men, masculine women, and no babies. Generation Y Even Bother

Until every man is wearing heels,

Hypergamy: There’s Levels To This Shit

Yes: all women are hypergamous, but not all women are the same. How does the hypergamy express itself? According to “the more hypergamous the woman the more likely she is to be a gold digger”

While some only resort to base strategies to secure a mate/resources, such as sex and the security that comes with companionship in exchange for $ and social climbing, not all women do so. Some simply want to yield a child and thus desire to secure optimum genetics. Many a woman I encounter want both of these things, and their “soulmate” is someone who can provide them with both. However, the rarity of this encourages a woman to settle for a good provider of security (stable financially and easily controlled) while pining for the thrills and optimum genetics of another. ¬†Hypergamy is the impetus that urges a woman to yield the best offspring under the best conditions.

Although I often am at the economic level or lower than the women I deal with, they are happy to take the thrills I offer by way of strong genetics, emotional unavailability (aloof) and therefore manhood, and taboo aura. In short, once they get dinner, the go for desert (me).

Here is a short guide to the degrees of hypergamy:

Low Hypergamy:

* Stable masculine presence or father figure, whether from a biological father or uncle/relative.

* Trades up in strength and intelligence.

* Wants a man of ambition and hard working/loyalty like her father (or other masculine force)

* Tradcons, tomboys/daddies girls. Tough but feminine.

Moderate Hypergamy:

* Father or masculine presence either infrequent or ineffective.

* Trades up in resources and mental/physical prowess.

* Provider priority with increased fantasies of alpha traits and bad boys. Will do so once in a relationship.

* Increased likelihood of neurosis

High Hypergamy:

* No father or masculine presence in upbringing.

* Trades up in resources, mainly money, using sex or the promise of sex.

* Alpha fucks/beta bux as a default sexual strategy

* Highly dependent and entitled. Infantile,  narcissistic, and neurotic as a general rule

While hypergamy is a biological factor, the current conditions for the second sex are of relative lawlessness and condone the worst of human nature to rule the roast. This turn of the wheel allows for women to cannibalize themselves and those who associate with them like locusts without contention.

Until the crops are gone,


In-group Bias Can Kill You

Mob mentality, crab-bucket mentality, tribal mentality, all these are names of the same psychological dynamic. Let’s explore what we’ve seen the world over, and especially in American politics, as the difference between unwavering support and ostracization and even death.

* The group protects you as long as you adhere to the group. The group forgives so as long as you are faithful to the group and never criticize the group. If you contribute to the group and support the group in public forums (represent your set) then the group loves you. However, when you critique the group or hold the group accountable for things it criticizes in opposing groups, the group gangs up on you. If you try to leave the group, the group is done with you. In Islam, Feminism, BLM, these dynamics are especially true. Opposition can even result in death concerning Islam.

* Black people have an increased degree of this hate for the out-group, even in the more moderate or educated circles. The shooting of a black man by a cop in mid 2016 Baltimore sparked a riot and a “white people witch hunt” where cars were tipped and white people were chased and beaten if seen. Thanks to the blindness of mob mentality, they never considered the fact that the cop who shot the black man was himself black, and the very racism they claimed to combat was the one they used as an “open season on white people.”

* Prior and after the election of Trump, anyone sporting a “Make America Great Again” hat was chastised, harassed, beaten, or shot by the tolerant and non-violent, non-racist Democrats. A child of about 6yrs was left outside by his mother for voting Trump in a mock trial at school. Teachers have been fired for tweeting pro-trump sentiments.

* Being a loner you get to see all the hypocrisy and stupidity from the outskirts. Whenever I journey into groups of people of more than 3 people, I call it “going into town.” I adhere to the general rules that they follow. As long as you do so and don’t change or criticize (which is the same thing) too much about the general rules, you can fly underneath the radar. There’s strength in numbers and for most who feel vulnerable and insecure, any change or criticism of the group feels to them like a personal attack because they derive security from the strength/numbers of the group. “The nail that sticks out gets hammered,” and the gazelle that gets away from the herd gets hunted by predators first, then left by the herd. Not many people are built for the outskirts. Even if you are someone, like me, who feels not fear but free when on your own, you’d be an idiot to ignore the benefits of using camouflage.

Fly under the radar and into power,


Imitation is Flattery: Theft vs. Appreciation

Over the horizon has come a massive wave of cultures and artists who’s chief complaint isn’t that their art is unappreciated, but far from it, that their art is being appropriated aka stolen. Let’s dig in.

  1. The Beatles stole Chuck Berry’s songs and he never got proper credit or credence


Michael Jackson was inspired by James Brown and then took the baton further with the moonwalk

  1. Rappers by-and-large steal other’s music (often from the 70’s and 80s) and call it “sampling”


Radiohead who is largely “influenced” by Jazz but who’s traces aren’t carbon-copies

* Note how black culture has animosity for average rappers (Macklemore, Vanilla Ice) who are white, but without fail regard Eminem as the best Rapper alive who is beyond criticism. He didn’t steal or do injustice to the art form that is “native” to a certain culture, he did it his way.
* If you speak Spanish to a Latino who speaks Spanish, and do so fluently, you show a respect for the culture. If you speak poor Spanish to a Latino who speaks Spanish, it comes off as tarnishing his culture with either mockery or caring not for the excellence with which you speak Spanish.
* The difference between theft and appreciation is how well you steal and further the culture. If you simply do what another group does and do not contribute or honor to that group, the group goes up in arms. If you do pay homage to those before you, you will earn supporters.
* Theft is so insulting to those you steal from, not because it’s morally wrong, but because you ignore and disrespect the well you draw water from. Indians would use all of the animal they killed for various purposes in addition to eating the meat. They also prayed over the animal and thanked him for his sacrifice and contribution, even though they killed him. This honored the animal.
*Casanova was a womanizer, but he did it in such a manner that she would love every second of courtship and in parting: He’d buy his lover a gift to honor and thank her for being his lover.

It’s not what you do, but how you do it: Do it well.

Feminine Lures, Masculine Instincts

Once again we bark up the “opposites attract” tree to take another bite from this red-pill branch of knowledge. Let’s dig in.

* According to Rollo Tomassi “feminine means doesn’t work, masculine works.” I’ve covered this very dynamic in my prior post “Women of Achievement are Atypically Masculine”

* The very thing that makes us approach a woman, want to pay for her on a date, protect her, and behave in a protective and chivalrous manner is the very relationship of father/daughter, protector/vulnerable, teacher/student, giver/receiver. Women hardly ever approach a man for this very reason. In order to illicit resources and protection, they act weak or dumb so that they aren’t a threat while praising and asking of her protector/provider’s instincts and masculinity to look after her. And without a fuss, watch the “you’re so strong; could you lift this for me and help me move” go down smoother than a smoothie in the dead of summer.

* There are physical tells that biologically flip a switch in our brains and drive us men crazy. These tells all communicate “vulnerable, innocent, weaker than us” and therefore protect, provide, and dominate.

* Stiletto heels, long nails, and all other finery that make it hard to move or protect herself elicit sexual/paternal instincts in men. They also double her curves and sexual dimorphism. Ponytails and exposed necks (carotid artery and nape of the neck), limp wrists all expose vital arteries and if in battle would end the battle. These areas also make it easy to control the movement of the other animal once captured (see any martial art video, especially Wing Chun and Bruce Lee) and also are seen to be primarily used by parents and authorities (police and handcuffs, every mammal grabs their progeny by the nape of the neck.

* Large hips support the demands of child-birth, but make for shitty mechanics for running. Heels as aforementioned amplify the ass and hips, and to a slight extent, the breasts by way of posture, and accordingly the external signs of fertility.

* When you join the army, the first thing they do is cut your hair to a Caesar (and a good thing they do. You don’t want long hair when someone is fighting you, unless you put razors in your hair like cholitas do; but this is an easy plant sense the easiest fight-ender is to grab the hair and control the opponent.)

* Neoteny (large forehead and eyes) also plays a significant role in luring in men. The soft skin, higher register voice, the flirtatious and adorkable body movements all make us take pity on women and endear them to us. The lowering of the head, like a child that knows it’s done wrong, or the turning away of the head (which exposes the neck), all contribute to the longest running and successful gambit that mother nature has created: make the gender that houses the creation of it’s kind the more vulnerable and make it able to manipulate the otherwise rational and logical male.

Women like to be dominated, men like to dominate. Women give the signals that she’s a juicy fruit on the vine, ready to be plucked, and we walk by and see her, in all her FEMININE GLORY, and pick her. If you wonder why women aren’t the fabled goddesses of yore, it’s because they dress and act like men. Silly rabbit’s want to be lions, and wonder why no one is hunting them.

Holding Frame,


Religion: A Profile Of The Flock

* Islam must past through the same thresholds and social rites that all the other theistic religions have, but religions aren’t peaceful because people aren’t peaceful.

* Theistic religions allow for man’s insecurity and psychological laziness to run rampant. Theism, and “God” by his many names, do the dirty work the “child” of that God cannot do with his own hands and his own will.

* Some people need to be enslaved or led: Many sheep, few shepherds. Theism guarantees that reality doesn’t break the illusion of those who seek solace.

* The harsher the tenets of a religion, the weaker it’s followers. Children need a good spanking, and this authority makes humans feel safe. The unknown is kept at bay with the assurances and words of a God you’ve never met. Totally rational and healthy.

* Religions are not for individualists or critical/clear thinkers. They are for those who do wrong, seldom do right, and feel unsafe in a world governed by cause, effect, and the temptation to rationalize one’s actions after the fact.

Life is like a bag of almonds: we’re in this together and we’re all fucking nuts. Some of us can’t hold it together.


Masculine Maxims II

* People will complain and blame the person with the most authority or personal power. The result of envy or the inability to shoulder the weight of life independently. Your job as that person is to make sure their claims are either invalid or cannot be conceived as valid while completing your objective.

* Even lions humble themselves before attacking and they’re an apex predator. When you move in for the kill, be unseen then accelerate like lighting.

* People who dislike themselves are unworthy of being liked.

* Health is wealth, be it physical, mental, or monetary.

* When you do what others cannot, you get scorn; when you do what others will not do, you get cash and prizes. That’s why honor and nobility are such rare and prized commodities, and men are typically the ones who take this charge head on.

* You are a creature that protects, inspires, leads, offends, creates ripples and tingles in girls.

* There are two different elements to masculinity:
1.Fire (passionate, active, unpredictable, elated and life-giving)

2. Earth (sensual, patient, stoic, stable, melancholic and resourceful)

Holding Frame,

Masculine Maxims

Here are some cupcakes of counsel that will permit more efficient interactions with the world

*If you ever doubt your capacity for creation, look at your capacity for destruction

*Men don’t get sympathy, men get more responsibility

*Don’t worry about good or evil in the hearts of others; Stoke the fire of incentive underneath the outcome you desire. Make it delicious to do either good/bad; whatever the situation calls for

*Draw a line for respect and never let it by crossed by yourself or anyone else

*The saying “God works in mysterious ways” is telling: if you work and don’t let others know of your doings and methods, you become a God. If you don’t let others know of your workings, how can they block or interfere? Become a God.

*Know thyself and become a master

*Do what you’re afraid to do

*Take care of what takes care of you

*Your loyalty is to your happiness. If it isn’t, cheat and breakup with the other.

*Never argue verbally: ask questions verbally and prove visually

Be strong; be smart,


Feminism: The Liberation From Privilege

Dearly Beloved,

* We’ve been told since the late 60s that women are oppressed by being dependent on men and their brawn for protection, and stifled by their provision of resources. Women in large numbers declared “your chivalry is patronizing; your kitchen and house work a prison sentence”

* JFK signs the equal pay bill and the female revolution gains another foothold on the ladder to success, yet you make MORE than men when without a child and never-married. First suffrage, then the nixing of the nuclear family. Funny that, considering how women complain about “man-droughts” but men don’t do the same concerning women. Women attend seminar after seminar of how to find a man and a husband. You’d think they were holding search parties in a desert for water.

* As time unfurls and women adorn more masculine clothing and shorter hair, women enter the work force more and more in the name of feminism, and engage in more promiscuous behavior in the name of “sexual empowerment.” Funny that empowerment means doing exactly what the boys do. Very funny. The same boys that you’ve claimed you were smarter than and more mature than since the playground.

* Ladies and all-too-gentlemen, I’m here to say that this attitude of becoming men without paying the price that men pay is the reason for your ever increasing unhappiness, your arrogance, and your lack of popularity. It was in the days when all you had to do was raise the next generation (a herculean feat), nurture your husband, build and keep your community familiar and fun, and have your whims indulged and paid for, that you attained the height of your glory. Now you’re marching in the streets to try to convince yourself and the handful of people watching that being a slut is “liberating” and that being fat is somehow a virtue.

* You’ve come in strides concerning legislation, but have done shit with it. You blame men for it and you’re partly right. If those sexist men of the past had denied you entry into hall of justice, you wouldn’t have ruined yourself and made big daddy government/the men foot the bill. But as you complain and as we insist, it’s the natural thing to do when a man protects and provides for a woman, not knowing that saying no is the most loving you can do when someone wants endless indulgence and unmitigated freedom. Free of shame and free of blame, the world is yours.

Look at what you’ve become, look at what we allowed you to do to yourself, and look at the world now.

Amused and alert,