Religion: A Profile Of The Flock

* Islam must past through the same thresholds and social rites that all the other theistic religions have, but religions aren’t peaceful because people aren’t peaceful.

* Theistic religions allow for man’s insecurity and psychological laziness to run rampant. Theism, and “God” by his many names, do the dirty work the “child” of that God cannot do with his own hands and his own will.

* Some people need to be enslaved or led: Many sheep, few shepherds. Theism guarantees that reality doesn’t break the illusion of those who seek solace.

* The harsher the tenets of a religion, the weaker it’s followers. Children need a good spanking, and this authority makes humans feel safe. The unknown is kept at bay with the assurances and words of a God you’ve never met. Totally rational and healthy.

* Religions are not for individualists or critical/clear thinkers. They are for those who do wrong, seldom do right, and feel unsafe in a world governed by cause, effect, and the temptation to rationalize one’s actions after the fact.

Life is like a bag of almonds: we’re in this together and we’re all fucking nuts. Some of us can’t hold it together.


Masculine Maxims II

* People will complain and blame the person with the most authority or personal power. The result of envy or the inability to shoulder the weight of life independently. Your job as that person is to make sure their claims are either invalid or cannot be conceived as valid while completing your objective.

* Even lions humble themselves before attacking and they’re an apex predator. When you move in for the kill, be unseen then accelerate like lighting.

* People who dislike themselves are unworthy of being liked.

* Health is wealth, be it physical, mental, or monetary.

* When you do what others cannot, you get scorn; when you do what others will not do, you get cash and prizes. That’s why honor and nobility are such rare and prized commodities, and men are typically the ones who take this charge head on.

* You are a creature that protects, inspires, leads, offends, creates ripples and tingles in girls.

* There are two different elements to masculinity:
1.Fire (passionate, active, unpredictable, elated and life-giving)

2. Earth (sensual, patient, stoic, stable, melancholic and resourceful)

Holding Frame,

Masculine Maxims

Here are some cupcakes of counsel that will permit more efficient interactions with the world

*If you ever doubt your capacity for creation, look at your capacity for destruction

*Men don’t get sympathy, men get more responsibility

*Don’t worry about good or evil in the hearts of others; Stoke the fire of incentive underneath the outcome you desire. Make it delicious to do either good/bad; whatever the situation calls for

*Draw a line for respect and never let it by crossed by yourself or anyone else

*The saying “God works in mysterious ways” is telling: if you work and don’t let others know of your doings and methods, you become a God. If you don’t let others know of your workings, how can they block or interfere? Become a God.

*Know thyself and become a master

*Do what you’re afraid to do

*Take care of what takes care of you

*Your loyalty is to your happiness. If it isn’t, cheat and breakup with the other.

*Never argue verbally: ask questions verbally and prove visually

Be strong; be smart,


Feminism: The Liberation From Privilege

Dearly Beloved,

* We’ve been told since the late 60s that women are oppressed by being dependent on men and their brawn for protection, and stifled by their provision of resources. Women in large numbers declared “your chivalry is patronizing; your kitchen and house work a prison sentence”

* JFK signs the equal pay bill and the female revolution gains another foothold on the ladder to success, yet you make MORE than men when without a child and never-married. First suffrage, then the nixing of the nuclear family. Funny that, considering how women complain about “man-droughts” but men don’t do the same concerning women. Women attend seminar after seminar of how to find a man and a husband. You’d think they were holding search parties in a desert for water.

* As time unfurls and women adorn more masculine clothing and shorter hair, women enter the work force more and more in the name of feminism, and engage in more promiscuous behavior in the name of “sexual empowerment.” Funny that empowerment means doing exactly what the boys do. Very funny. The same boys that you’ve claimed you were smarter than and more mature than since the playground.

* Ladies and all-too-gentlemen, I’m here to say that this attitude of becoming men without paying the price that men pay is the reason for your ever increasing unhappiness, your arrogance, and your lack of popularity. It was in the days when all you had to do was raise the next generation (a herculean feat), nurture your husband, build and keep your community familiar and fun, and have your whims indulged and paid for, that you attained the height of your glory. Now you’re marching in the streets to try to convince yourself and the handful of people watching that being a slut is “liberating” and that being fat is somehow a virtue.

* You’ve come in strides concerning legislation, but have done shit with it. You blame men for it and you’re partly right. If those sexist men of the past had denied you entry into hall of justice, you wouldn’t have ruined yourself and made big daddy government/the men foot the bill. But as you complain and as we insist, it’s the natural thing to do when a man protects and provides for a woman, not knowing that saying no is the most loving you can do when someone wants endless indulgence and unmitigated freedom. Free of shame and free of blame, the world is yours.

Look at what you’ve become, look at what we allowed you to do to yourself, and look at the world now.

Amused and alert,


Double Standards = Golden Standard

* Why is it fine for a woman to hit a man, but abhorrent for the same man to hit the woman, even to defend himself from that same woman?

* Why do women remember names, dates, times? Why do men care not for these things and have trouble remembering anniversaries and birthdays?

* Because Men and Women are complementary, but unequal. They are each others superior in things the other lacks; the yin/yang.

* Sexism is the synonym for probability that takes two complements and analyzes the tendencies of the parts to say “yin tends to do X this way, while yang does X this way”

* Since the two genders are neurologically and physically different, it would stand to reason and clear observation that the results, methods, attitudes, perception of, and tools of said sexes will vary, compliment, diverge, and clash.

* When given free reign and choice of academic fields to pursue, and career prospects to compete for, the numbers tell a decisive tale of inclination based on biology. Nature in concert with nurture. The more people centered and collectivist careers are dominated by women, where as the dangerous, innovating careers where there are hierarchies such as demolition, law, and STEM are by 90% and higher dominated by men. Watch A Video

* Unnatural and unlawful are the attacks on mother nature; people are happier when following their hearts desire and their biological impulses. Women don’t like to work full time but men get a sense of pride from working up a sweat. Men brag about the hardship they endure to get something done and women brag about money and effort saved; what luxury and leisure they can afford and enjoy.

* Thank the calloused hands of our fathers and the soft skin of our mothers; thank the chivalry of our fathers and the virtue of our mothers ; thank the dangerous and stupid ideas of our fathers for pushing us to uncharted territories and the grace and decorum of our mothers for motivating us to build a better tomorrow for our children and raise the standard of living for them today.

* Thank the men and women who don’t envy the other but understand the fundamental differences of both sexes and the roles they play in each other’s life, the world over.

* Thank them while we still can salvage an iota of difference before sameness crushes our world.

Holding Frame,


Gender Wars: Interdependent Dynamics

When Pat Benatar sang “love is a battlefield,” truer words were never spoken. While the dynamics of the individual genders are dissected, reviewed, given archetypes, I see some things missing. As such, allow this Drow to put some paint where it aint.

* Yin/Yang are two parts of the same whole. That whole is usually typified as the world or the group, but seldom is the individual discussed or considered. Rightfully so: if we start evaluating the masculine & feminine parts of the individuals, the sexist pigs and misandrous harpies might start holding a critical account of that particular part that resides within themselves. The fragile human will not do this, but I will do so in this post.

* I find that the sexual strategies that one employs, men pursue and women attract, men dominate and women create/protect something valuable to be conquered, is but one side of the coin. Freud pulled the mask off this dynamic with the anima/animus and I will go one further: When one’s first strategy is successful, the coin is flipped. When women send out the signal to that they are willing and ready to be dominated and when that man responds with his desire to find such a woman and the two forces meet, the clash flips the coin and the pursued uses dominating tactics and the hunter becomes the hunted.

* Subsequently, when a man lands a girlfriend after chasing and courtship, he finds that she takes the baton. “Where are you and when are you going to see me next?” She starts trying to mould and change him in the way that he tried to dominate and conquer her with his willpower; He finds himself in the passive role being dominated by her energy instead of the opposite, and that the delicate flower once desired was indeed a Venus flytrap; and the man that was a strong and swift warrior gave way to someone tender and romantic.

* Man molds woman and woman consumes man. Body language experts the world over know that when a woman likes a man, she will mirror his body language, take on his mannerisms, wear his clothes to bed when she misses him, and even take his family name. Fellas: if she didn’t take your name she doesn’t love you as deeply as she claims; she isn’t proud of you. You can see this on a genetic level when she bears your children: she takes the genetic information and code and replicates it.

* So depending the circumstance and amount of time, one will either employ their dominant strategy or their subconscious strategy. This further illustrates the need to find your compliment so that when you tire of one strategy or reach the wit’s end of it, your other can pick up the slack and carry forth.

Accordingly, the gender wars between feminists and MGTOW, men and women, is but a reflection of the war within each rival faction. The men act more feminine than they should and the women are more aggressive than even their masculine-male counterparts. Both sides riding in the same car and both attempting to grab the wheel while consulting the map. If the world is spinning is out of control, it’s because of this very thing.

Know your role, know your chromosomes,

Love is What The Word Was

Love is:

* Mutual self interest.

You trade what you have to offer in order to get what you want. The 1-2 punch combo; beauty and beast in tandem. Your physical strength (which intimidates) for social power (which charms and lowers defenses). The lack of for the abundance of.

* The hormonal-high that is achieved when a virtue is fulfilled.

When reciprocity occurs, and you get what you paid for and traded for, this transaction is affection. The integrity or fair-trade gives a dopamine boost to the parties involved, but mostly to the giver. The result is desire. Love is the romance of successful business between two parties. When you get into business with someone, it is said that “you’re in bed with” that person.

* A fluid thing.

When the transactions no longer yield results that you value/need, you move elsewhere. Hence why there are so many sexless marriages (for the marriage itself and it’s economic/social provisions are women’s endgame. ) so she no longer has to trade or even show up to the market ready to business; she can get fat, cheat, and do whatever she feels with scant repercussions economically/socially, for any sin or neglect committed by her agency will be seen as a failure on her husband’s competence.

However, the farther a man is away from settling down, i.e a playboy with a harem of harlots, his appeal will signal far and wide for though the traditional institute is trumpeted as virtuous, the laws on the books and the general opinion/economic incentives towards the marriage pact are critical and uninviting to be generous. The lack of stability that a man promises offers him a stable of horses to ride. AF/BB personified: Alpha provides the thrills, and Beta pays the attention and the bills.

* Dying

To be dramatic I’m not, for the lack of fantasy that is encouraged with the readiness of visual stimulation, lack of sexual prudence, and the ease of communication, love is in it’s death throes. To quote my mentor, Ninon De L’enclos, “love dies of indigestion, not starvation”

Perhaps in our life time we’ll see a return to courtship, but I only foresee this happening when we start dying of thirst.

Love is what the word was,


Amoral Adages VIII

* Some people are humans, but most people are parrots: they repeat what they have heard and without investigating; reliably these parrots will parrot things they don’t know with veracity

* If you want to spread a rumor like a wild fire, tell it to a loudmouth, a gossip, or one of the above parrots. Free advertising.

* You can have back payments in child support but no back payments in pussy….gender equality.

* Want to know the truth about someone? Mix in disbelief with your curiosity and wait. Their vanity will kick in like 3 shots on an empty stomach.

* With religion, drugs, alcohol, and games do the hordes keep themselves hamstrung and easy for the picking: #fear is a hell-of-a-drug.

* If you have the time and space to think without interruption, you’re a wealthy man.

* Words rhyme, but people’s rationale and actions don’t. Not to worry: exploit there vocalized intentions, force their hand, expose the inside.

* Starve them of attention and they’ll be hungry for attention.

* Sex you can buy, love you can fake, power you can build on the hearts you break

* Guilt trips are the foot-sweeps of the weak. Don’t apologize for being attacked; the best defense is a good offense.

* Be wrong in private, humble in public, and dependable.

* Ah but the cost of being talented or beautiful is high. Great power = Great Cost.

* The things envious people do to their superiors. They would chop their legs off to see equality done.

* There is no such thing as equality, nor fairness, but a good business deal, a successful businessman, and the rest.



Amoral Adages VII

* Put your wants and needs in the same elixir and drink when you make a decision.

* If you’re honest with dishonest people, you’re honestly an idiot

* A moral man’s undoing is his honor. The evil he combats one day could be the same that saves him tomorrow

* There’s this magical thing called incentive, and he who wields it correctly has power.

* A woman likes you when she mimics you and takes on your nuances; AWALT Women are a piano in need of playing. Play her right and she loves u

* Its not what you deserve, but for what you can negotiate.

* Everything is an asset or liability. Time and energy are finite resources. Do you spend your resources into things that bring profit?

* My girlfriend once said that life is unfair. I told her that “its not about being fair, its about taking advantage” The loser gets sour grapes.

* Confidence means to confide in one’s self. The loudest victim or the most talkative braggart defy confidence by definition

* The feminine energy without the masculine is like a river without a riverbed, and today’s lack of definition proves it.



Amoral Adages VI

* A Best Friend is someone who hates the same things as you

* If you don’t objectify people, you waste people

* People who manage to clutter their life with things and appointments but are unproductive: can they be considered adults? No. Grown children

* Evil is what most are afraid will happen to them or are too feeble to undertake. Be a good man and rest while paying others to do evil for u

* People are more dangerous and more delicious in the flesh…..why watch them on T.V. when you can be lovers and fight with and against them?

* If you want to understand the world or the people in it, battle them. A healthy respect and clear knowledge of an opponent means

* Why choose less than powerful and smart people to learn from, regardless of creed, politics, or gender?

* If you don’t allow other’s to laugh at you, you’ll make a joke out of yourself. When you laugh at them, they’ll get quite serious.

* Talking and arguing with idiots is like seeing shit in the street: don’t loose your cool, simply walk around it. No good will come of it.

* If your circle consists of opposing and conflicting viewpoints from highly intelligent beings, you’re in the danger-zone. Think dangerously.

* You dont argue with passionate people, you exploit them. Stir emotions as needed and a little dangling carrot before their eyes and voila

* Skilled whores & lovers have a flirtatious yet mechanical relationship with the senses, a open-door/closed mouth relationship with reality.

* Sadism has functional outlets: making people laugh/treating someone with respect. These will turn the self-destruct switch on.

* Women Don’t have a sexual prime of 30: the biological clock is ticking so loud in her ears that only a baby/husband could silence the noise

* Using someone and abusing someone is only divided with how much the “victim” likes it.

* Power is found in the eye of the storm, it’s indelible calm in surrounding chaos. The poster child is merely the pawn out front.

* Your life isn’t out of control: you’re disorganized and anxious, thinking the world is spinning when life changes it’s rhythm for no one.

* Life is a cycle of cycles. Prepare for the past in different clothes and friends and enemies with different names, but same archetype

* Weakness is a weapon aimed right at the strong to say that they’re greedy, or priveledged, and always wrong

* The difference between smart people and dumb people is that smart people KNOW they are dumb, and dumb people don’t

* If you don’t want them to find your secrets, put them on the front porch

* Its not slander if it’s true, but it does mean war.

* The bird sings sweeter when it goes into the cage on its own. Sweeten the deal, sour the options, and never force their hand.