Good Intent: Being a Good Guy Gets You Into Bad Trouble

We men are under constant scrutiny and barrage of insults and slander to our character; assumptions of guilt abound and being called “rapist” and “women-hater” as a default for even the slightest opposition to anything woman. This can wear on your mind, and make you feel more guilt and frustration than necessary. So much soContinue reading “Good Intent: Being a Good Guy Gets You Into Bad Trouble”

Sorry: Not just an old boardgame

You hear it around you as much as traffic or busy cafe chatter: the word sorry is a definite indicator of insecurity. Excuses, excuses: “I’m sorry” is the truncated version of “I can’t be held accountable for my mistakes, because I’m sorry.” Not everyone is a sniveling little runt who can’t help but trip overContinue reading “Sorry: Not just an old boardgame”